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Contract Packaging Health Canada Drug Establishment License

Drug Establishment License

Contract packaging services under a Drug Establishment License are essential for pharmaceutical companies to efficiently and compliantly bring their products to market. It helps ensure that drugs are safely and accurately packaged, labeled, and distributed to healthcare professionals and patients while adhering to the strict regulatory standards set by Health Canada.

Contract Packaging Natural Health Product License

Licensed Natural Health Products Database (LNHPD)

Contract packaging services under a Natural Health Product License play a crucial role in ensuring that natural health products are accurately and safely packaged, labeled, and distributed to consumers. By adhering to Health Canada's regulations and quality standards, contract packagers contribute to the overall safety and effectiveness of natural health products in the market.

Contract Packaging Cannabis Processing License

Licensed Cannabis Processor

Contract packaging services with a Standard Processing License for cannabis, issued by Health Canada, involve the specialized packaging and labeling of cannabis and cannabis-derived products on behalf of licensed producers. These services are essential for ensuring compliance with regulations and delivering safe, high-quality cannabis products to the market.


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